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Ayyan Ali’s life in danger: Police

Police disclosed that Ayyan Ali’s life was in danger hence they have stepped up measures to beef up her security. In order to prevent any unfortunate incident which could threaten her safety, Ayyan Ali has been shifted to another room inside the prison. Ayyan’s meetings with her lawyer will now be conducted under the supervision of female police officials.

Ayyan has been approached to star in both Indian and Pakistani films whilst being imprisoned. The supermodel brushed aside any immediate plans to star in movie, stating that she wanted to write a book based on her experiences in jail. Ayyan also stated that for her, signing a film would depend upon its script.

Earlier today, the supermodel cum singer Ayyan Ali had attended proceedings of the money laundering case against her at Rawalpindi court today. Due to incomplete submission of the case’s challan, the court had ordered that a complete challan be submitted.

Ayyan’s presence at the court, as usual, attracted a lot of attention. People scampered to get a better look at the supermodel, which ultimately caused a ruckus.Three people, in a bid to get a closer glimpse of the model, tripped and fell over the stairs within the court’s complex.

Ayyan Ali’s judicial remand extended till May 8 by arynews

The supermodel’s judicial remand has been extended to May 8.

Ayyan, who has modeled for renowned brands such as Sunsilk and Magnum, was arrested by Airport Security Force at the Benazir International Airport on March 14, after more than $500,000 were found stashed in her luggage. The actress was scheduled to board a Dubai-bound flight before she was apprehended by the authorities. Subsequently, Ayyan was sent to Adiala Jail on charges of money laundering.



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