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Ayyan being denied family visit

Ayyan seems to be in trouble big time. Ever since she was caught by customs personnel at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Islamabad a couple of days back trying to whisk away more than $500,000, Ayyan has been facing troubles. The model cum singer has been sent to Adiala jail and according to her father, her family has not been permitted to meet with her.

Raja Hafeez, Ayyan’s father, stated that the family has yet to meet Ayyan since her arrest. He also revealed to Rawalpindi customs that he hadn’t met his daughter since the past 10 years as she had been living with her mother during that time. Raja has submitted a report with customs officials today seeking to meet his daughter.

Ayyan was caught by customs authorities trying to smuggle more than $500,000 to Dubai. After rejecting her bail plea, the Special Customs Court sent her on a judicial remand of 14 days to Adiala jail. Although police claim treatment meted out to Ayyan is the same as is with any other detainee, inside sources have confirmed that the actress is being treated as a VIP. Ayyan seems to be in thick with customs authorities after it is believed she has been making contradictory statements as regards to the funds she was caught with. The real estate agent who had sold property on her behalf to Khalid Malik is also being hunted in order to derive a conclusion to the whole episode.

In Adiala jail, captives are normally allowed to meet their relatives yet till customs officials obtain a statement from the model, chances of her meeting her family are slim.



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