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Ayyan unable to retrieve passport due to judge’s absence

According to details, the supermodel arrived at Rawalpindi’s Custom Court and deposited two surety bonds of Rs one million each.

Duty judge Sabir Sultan refused to accept Ayyan’s surety bonds and stated that returning the passport was a sensitive matter, which will be decided by the trial court. The duty judge directed Ayyan to contact the Customs Court and postponed the hearing till November 30.

It should be borne in mind that Ayyan was arrested this year in March, on charges of smuggling currency after she was found with more than five hundred-thousand dollars. Ayyan was apprehended as she was about to board a Dubai-bound flight from the Benazir International Airport in Islamabad. Ayyan was subsequently sent to Adiala jail and her passport was also seized by custom authorities.
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After spending a little more than four months in prison, Ayyan was granted bail by the courts and she was released. After several hearings and proceedings, the supermodel was finally indicted on November 19.
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This past Sunday, the supermodel’s name was placed on the Exit Control List as it was feared that she would escape the country.



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