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Ayyan’s currency smuggling case adjourned till February 18th

Supermodel Ayyan Ali came prepared to the court today but unfortunately the same could not be  said about custom authorities. Ayyan was angry at custom authorities and complained about her predicament, saying she was being  dragged in courts in Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi. However, custom authorities levelled serious allegations on her but fail to prepare for the case.

The supermodel arrived today at the court with the usual glitz and glamour, surrounded by bodyguards. Ayyan Ali was apprehended on March 13 by authorities at Benazir International Airport  last year, when more than USD 500,000 were recovered from her. Ayyan was about to board a Dubai-bound flight, when she was arrested by the airport security. Hence, a case of currency smuggling was registered against the supermodel. Ayyan was sent to Adiala jail, where she languished for four months before getting released on bail.

Ever since her release, Ayyan has been visiting courts in reference to her currency smuggling case.




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