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Azadi March: Imran Khan enthralls youngsters with late night speech

In the late night speech to enthrall youngsters, Khan told youth that many of his advisors stopped him from staging such a long sit-in with the fear that the workers might not stay but it is his faith that God will not disappoint him as he is selfless.

PTI chief expressed his wish for the PTI youth to become like famous poet Allama Iqbal’s concept of ‘Shaheens‘ . Elaborating the idea, he said that a Shaheen never looks out for worldly wealth.

The cricketer-turned-politician said that a great nation always stands for the truth, justice and merit adding that he has angered his relatives in the past too because of his rigid stance of standing for merit.

He congratulated the youth for participating in a movement which will change Pakistan for better.

In an earlier speech, Khan slammed the government for a crackdown on PTI workers and inquired the judiciary to inform under which law PTI workers are being arrested.

The PTI chief said the government is trying to make him frightened by spreading the rumors of terrorists present at the sit-in, adding, “I am not afraid even if a hundred suicide bombers are sent here”.

Calling students from all over the country, Imran Khan said, “You are supposed to participate in this sit-in for it will secure your own future”.

Taking a jab at the owner of Geo/Jang group, the PTI chairman said, “Mir Shakil is in Serena Hotel and it seems as if the Chinese President is staying over there. He has been given protocol similar to that of the prime minister”.

Moreover, he declared Musharraf’s dictatorship to be better than the current democratic government led by the PM Nawaz Sharif.



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