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‘Azadi March’ is a war between democracy and monarchy: Imran Khan

While addressing at PTI’s worker convention in Lahore today, Imran Khan said conducting peaceful protest is a constitutional right of every political party. He warned Punjab Police to be ready to bear severe consequences for putting any restriction to his Azadi March on August 14.

Imran Khan said that PTI March to Islamabad is war between democracy and monarchy. He said Azadi March will end monarchical rule of Sharif family.

Chairman PTI complained that 71 cases are in pending against Nawaz Sharif in National Accountancy Bureau (NAB) but no one dared to ask him about the tax evasion.

Elaborating the prime features of true democracy Imran Khan said democratic system assures merit, held rulers accountable under the law and doesn’t allow head of state to spend tax money on oneself rather on nation. He said current government doesn’t comprise of such key factors.

Imran Khan questioned Sharif Family that from where they get the money for buying property and doing investment in abroad.

Asking about Nawaz Sharif’s source of income, Imran Khan said that one of his son, who lives in London, owns a company having worth of Rs. 200 billion, other lives in a flat of Hyde Park, London and the cost of that flat is Rs. 7 billion while Nawaz Sharif himself having apartments in Mayfair in London which worth Rs. 5 billion.

He asked PM Nawaz about Maryam Nawaz’s merit over which she authorized for the fund of Rs.100 billion and also Hamza Shabaz’s credibility for which he is ruling Punjab.

“The only merit for all of them is that they belong to Sharif family and it happens in monarchy not in democracy”, he added.

Imran Khan revealed that Rs. 9 billion has been spent on making of roads and canals of Raiwand including the transmission of electricity and gas to Raiwand while Rs. 40 crore is the expenditure of Raiwand’s security. He questioned why there is a discrimination of law for Sharif Family and for public.




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