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Azizabad police killing plot thickens

ARY News has learnt that the assailants who killed three policemen in Azizabad on Wednesday escaped with the empty bullet shells leaving behind only a coin of the 9MM pistol used in the triple murder.

Four terrorists on two motorcycles opened indiscriminate fire at a police mobile in Bhangoria Goth area of Azizabad on Wednesday morning killing three policemen including a sub-inspector.

It must be noted that apart from the shells, the murderers were able to collect the firearms of the martyred policemen from the crime scene.

The investigators in the modern forensic department in Karachi have concluded that 90 persons were killed using the same three pistols in the provincial capital.

The victims include Shia, Sunni and members of political parties.

Target killings and other terror-related incidents are on the decline but the activities have not seen a proper halt in Karachi despite a intensified operation by police and Rangers against such elements.



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