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Azra Pechuhu raises questions over discrepancies in PMC test

KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Health Azra Fazl Pechuhu on Monday expressed her reservation over the recently conducted test by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) and pointed out discrepancies during the procedure, ARY NEWS reported.

Terming the questions in the PMC test as out of syllabus, she said that most of the MCQs were from the syllabus of the federal education system including 14 irrelevant questions.

“Even results had discrepancies as roll numbers and names of many candidates did not match each other,” she said adding that conducting tests for medical institutions does not come under the authority of the commission.

She further said that even Punjab province has raised 11 reservations on the entire testing process.

Further shedding light, the minister said that the students are given admission in the province on the basis of a quota system and many students from the rural areas were unable to pass the PMC exam.

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“This not only deprived students of these rural areas of their basic right to acquire education but also left many seats vacant in the medical universities,” Azra Pechuhu said.

She further said that the provinces are empowered after the 18th amendment and they are mulling over to establish a Sindh medical and dental council.

Covid-19 vaccine

Speaking regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, the provincial minister claimed that the Centre has not yet approached any company for the provision of a vaccine.

“It is the responsibility of the Centre to provide vaccine to the provinces,” she said adding that the province would get their share of the vaccine after the federal government acquires it.



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