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Babar Ghouri labels PPO as 'black law'

ISLAMABAD: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) parliamentary leader in the upper house, Senator Babar Khan Ghouri while expressing severe reservations on the Pakistan Protection Ordinance (PPO), has labeled it as black law and alleged that the Federal Government is trying to impose a civil martial law through this ordinance – ARY News reports.

In his statement issued on Wednesday, Babar Ghouri said that on one hand the Federal Government is negotiating with terrorists and also releasing their arrested men, whereas on the other hand, it is imposing a black law like PPO to crush political workers.

He inquired the Government that how many terrorists have been tried under this law.

The MQM leader alleged that this PPO is only aimed at usurping the basic rights of citizens and crushing of the political workers in order to refrain them from pursuing their political affiliations.

He referred to the PPO as a violation of human rights and a law based upon violence and cruelty, adding further that no man, who respects human rights, can ever support such an ordinance.

Senator Babar Ghouri said that MQM and all the opposition parties opposed this law, when it was tabled in the National Assembly, yet the Government got it approved on the basis of majority.

He stated that MQM has opposed this black law at every forum and it will dislike it in the Senate too, like the way in National Assembly.



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