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Bacha Khan University attackers belonged to Tariq Geedar group: sources

The owner of Bacha Khan University’s canteen identified the terrorists as being short in height and sporting light beards. Two of the attackers blew themselves up, whereas the other two were gunned down by security officials. Going by their looks, the attackers look even younger than students. Sources also claim these four terrorists came from Afghanistan and they belonged to the Tariq Geedar group.

This is the same Tariq Geedar group, whose commander Omar was issuing directives during the Army Public School attack in Peshawar. Tariq Geedar group was also involved in the case of firing at a PIA aircraft in Peshawar. For the identification of the slain terrorists, DNA samples, fingerprints and other material was sent to forensic laboratory.

The names of the two terrorists have also been discovered. One was named Omar while the other was named Abid.



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