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Bacha Khan University attack FIR lodged

The FIR was registered under the supervision of the police station’s SHO. Provisions of murder and attempted murder were included in the FIR.

According to the text of the FIR, terrorists entered the university premises around 08:30 am and a battle between them and security forces started around 09:00am. Militants and security officials were engaged in the conflict till 1pm in the afternoon. The attackers used SMGs and grenades during the attack.

After the attack had taken place, security forces conducted a search operation inside the university premises and the surrounding Sardehri area. During the search operation, 35 suspects were taken into custody, as houses in the area were searched thoroughly. Among them, 10 suspects were taken to an undisclosed location for questioning.

Sources claim during initial investigations, the attack has been linked to Afghanistan.




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