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Bad Neighbors 2 slated for 2016 release

The least contentious of Seth Rogen’s 2014 movies was Bad Neighbours (known as Neighbors elsewhere in the world). The comedy saw him star alongside Zac Efron and Rose Byrne, with director Nicholas Stoller calling the shots. And it took in over $250m at the global box office, off the back of a fairly modest budget.

The film was about the trouble that a couple had to face when a teenage fraternity composed of partying boys moved across from their house. Befriending them at first, the couple tells on their neighbors to a local police officer. The trouble commences from there on. The frat boys take it upon themselves to make their neighbors pay for their snitching to the police.

Universal Pictures has thus announced a US release date of Friday May 13th 2016 for Bad Neighbours 2. Rogen, Efron and Byrne will once again headline the movie, and Nicholas Stoller is returning to direct. It will be interesting to see how the sequel for the movie will play out. The first part was critically and commercially popular due to its impressive comedy and impressive acting.

Watch out, neighbors can be quite the hassle!



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