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Bailed but still in jail: Ayyan to spend another night behind bars

The banking court staff could not receive release orders of the supermodel until noon and the staff left after working hours.

The two-member bench of Lahore High Court on Tuesday issued release orders of the supermodel.

Ayyan Ali had been arrested in March over charges of attempting to smuggle more than $500,000 as she was about to board a Dubai-bound flight from Benazir International Airport.

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Ayyan’s attorney Sardar Latif Khosa argued that no evidence existed against Ayyan Ali. However, the prosecuting Custom attorney argued that clear evidence existed against Ayyan, since there was a restriction on carrying an excess of $10,000 outside Pakistan. Ayyan, on the other hand, was reprimanded with $500,000.

In response to these allegations, Latif Khosa stated that Ayyan had not obtained a boarding pass, hence these charges could not be proven true. After hearing both sides of the argument, the court granted bail to Ayyan Ali.



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