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A man’s eyes pulled out by his father for wanting to marry out of choice

Balochistan: Living in the 21st century, Abdul Baqi’s eyes were pulled out by his own father for wanting to marry a girl of his choice.

Abdul Baqi was forcefully tied up with ropes by his brothers and father before his eyes were taken out with a curry spoon, “The reason was just that I was marrying out of choice. The girl really liked me too, her family even. My mom was fine with it too. They hit me a lot, they tied my hand and feet with ropes. They put a curry spoon in my eye and pulled it out,” he says.

After his first eye was removed, Baqi begged his family for his other eye to be left alone but no heed was paid to his requests, “I said please do not do that much torture, let my other eye be please. They said we will take this out too. You are fine like this. You are going to marry out of choice? This was the only problem that I wanted to marry out of my own will.”

Doctors says Baqi shall never be able to see again. Police has arrested his father and two brothers. The other two brothers are on a run.



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