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Balochistan to announce deficit budget tomorrow

The total outlay of the budget will be around Rs 277.56 billion with a development allocation of Rs 60 billion, sources said.

According to sources, the government giving priority to mega development schemes in the budget for the fiscal year 2016-17, slashing half of the allocation of funds traditionally earmarked for the MPA schems.

Around half of the 60 billion development budget will likely to be allocated for the Greater Quetta Programme. Some Rs10 billion likely to be allocated for the Quetta Bulk Water Supply Scheme, Rs two billion for the Railway Mass Transit scheme and Rs one billion for Quetta’s Green Bus scheme, sources at the ministry of finance said.

It will be a deficit budget with around Rs 25 billion difference between income and expenditure. This deficit will be met from local loans and by curtailing expenses on non-development sectors, sources said.

Non-development expenditure is expected to be around Rs183.97 billion in the next fiscal year.

The government planning to spend Rs 40 billion on the education and Rs 18 billion on health.

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