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Balochistan cannot be separated from Pakistan: Zehri

He was addressing after a flag raising ceremony at the Ziarat Residency, where he said that the war against terrorists will never be left incomplete, as brave nations always stand up to face their challenges. “The Baloch nation always takes revenge,” he said that they will fight their enemies.

He said that their hopes will not be weakened and that defeat for the terrorists is inevitable as they are on the right track in the war, and that the civil and military leaderships are jointly striving for elimination of the menace of terrorism.

Zehri professed his love for the nation and said they were patriotic people, who were celebrating Independence Day but with simplicity.  “Today’s Balochistan is different from the Balochistan of the past,” and that the provincial and federal government have better relations than before.

He said that the situation in Balochistan and Kashmir were different and cannot be compared. He said that they are the custodians of the province, and rebuked Indian Prime Minister saying that Narendra Modi will not decide the future of Balochistan.

He urged those who were involved in politics from out of the country, and those who have taken up arms and were involved in a violent struggle, to shun their activities, drop their weapons and enter mainstream politics for the benefit of the province.

Zehri also said that every independent nation had the right to progress and development, and they will sacrifice their lives for the successful completion of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).



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