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Ban on ‘Maalik’ challenged in Lahore High Court

The plea is filed by Mehboob Alam advocate, urging the court to lift ban on the flick.

He argued that Maalik highlighted corruption in the country, but at the same time movie also contained entertainment fodder.

He said there was no anti-state or anti-Pakistan angles in the movie as claimed by the federal government. The petitioner stated that ban was slapped on the movie without notifying to producers and director of the movie.

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It’s a basic right of people to get entertainment and information. The government move is tantamount to putting gag on people’s freedom, he said.

He urged the government to declare ban void and order screening of movies across the country.

The film was released three weeks ago and had generated complaints, as claimed by the government, regarding its controversial depiction of the Taliban.

Local cinemas have also cancelled the movie’s shows with immediate effect and are refunding the tickets following the ban imposed on the film.


According to director Ashir Azeem, a few of the ministers were displeased with criticism of government in the movie.

He underlined that after the Sindh government’s objection, the word chief minister or CM was replaced with a ‘beep’ across the reel, but movie still faced ban for screening.



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