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Bank Robbery: Millions looted from two banks

KARACHI: Two banks were looted in different parts of Karachi in which robbers managed to flee with millions of rupees here on Friday, ARY News reports.

According to police, a private bank was looted in the jurisdiction of Jauharabad Police Station at Shara-e-Pakistan Road. Six dacoits robbed Rs. 3 million on gun point.

The security guard did not provide any sort of resistance to the robbers. Police has taken all the guards for investigation of the incident.

Bank Robbery at North Nazimabad:

A bank was robbed at Paposh Nagar area of North Nazimabad in Karachi in which robbers took away Rs. 3.5 million after holding the staff and guards hostage on gun point.

Police and officials of the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) reached the spot after receiving information of the crime.

A spokesperson of SIU stated that the CCTV footage of both robberies has been taken and investigation is underway for the identification of the robbers.

Ten banks looted in 2014:

It should be noted that 10 banks have been looted this year whereas only one dacoit has been killed in a police encounter so far. The rest of the involved persons have not yet been arrested by the Law Enforcing Agencies (LEAs).



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