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Are you Ready for ‘Baray Game Ka Bara Khiladi’ challenge?

You will not have to wait for any longer as the countdown for this huge campaign “Baray Game Ka Bara Khiladi” has started already and the brand cannot wait to reveal the details to the audience.

The challenge will be On Air on top 5 websites and channels on the 17th of December at 4 PM and 8 PM respectively you can watch Live and get a chance to win Camon 12 Air and Shoaib Akhtar signed T-shirts and balls.

You can also visit Tecno Mobile Pakistan official Facebook Page for more Information.

This time, the campaign is bigger and better than before as it has a major connection with cricket and some amazingly talented sports personalities that the whole nation is crazy about.

These are none other than our very favorite Shoaib Akhtar and Hassan Ali.

Famous for their signature styles, these two have always been the eye candy of the nation with their excellent performances.

The whole campaign has shaken up the entire social media platforms and people are loving the whole concept of incorporating cricket and these famous players in this challenge. Without any doubt, This is going to be the biggest cricket campaign of the year 2019.

The teasers that are being released by Tecno one after the other have already electrified the audience and people cannot wait for the details to be unveiled so that everyone can equally participate in this wonderful challenge.


The teasers are bombarded with thousands of comments and guesses with a positive analysis at the appearance of these cricketers that are the main part of the league. This is still not disclosed whether the challenge is between these two cricketers or there is something more to come?

Tecno is known for its happening activities, quirky and fun scripts and eccentric challenge.

Do you all remember that tiktok campaign initiated by Tecno for Spark4 and Spark Go that created a huge buzz on the internet? So many renowned celebrities were the prominent part of these campaigns.

For spark Go, the challenge took place under the hashtag #Sparkthespeed and with huge popularity, it received 4.9B views only in 15 days. Similarly, the hashtag #spark4more for the campaign of Spark4 reached to more than 5.7B views.

Once again, Tecno is back on the ground with another exciting campaign to win the hearts of its customers.



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