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WATCH: Barber consoles cancer patients by shaving off own head in solidarity

In a world where people actively seek solace and sincerity, there’s still too soon to declare a dearth of good people, as a heartening viral video shows a barber expressing solidarity with a cancer patient by shaving off his own head while he tends to the man with cancer in his salon.

In the viral video making rounds across all social media platforms, the barber is seen shaving off his own hair, to show his support to a man suffering from cancer. 



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The original clip was shared online by Neftali Martin, who is a barber himself. Martin had gone to get his hair shaved by his colleague Joel Ortega, with hair loss being a common side effect of chemotherapy.

He had turned his camera on to capture the moment he said goodbye to his hair and looked visibly upset at having to go through such an ordeal. However, he had little clue about what was going to happen next.

Suddenly, Ortega, the barber, begins to cut off his own hair as an act of solidarity. “You are not alone,” says Ortega.

The incredible act of his colleague left Martin breaking down as he was left overwhelmed by the occasion. The two men work together at the Lords and Barbers barbershop in Alicante, Spain.

“For those who do not know him (Ortega), he is not just a co-worker, for me a brother. I love you bro,” says Martin on his latest Instagram post about this touching moment that has over 9 million views on TikTok and nearly 24 million on Instagram.



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