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Barktenders: This London bar has dogs for waiters!

LONDON: Ever heard of a bar staffed with dogs as waiters? Well, there’s one about to be opened this week which will have dogs for waiters.

Yes it is very much possible. A pub in London will open this weekend and for the very first time in the world, will be staffed by dogs who will serve ice-cold beers to customers.

This is how it works; the bar is entirely staffed by Alsatian dogs who bring a bottle of Kronenbourg 1664 inside a barrel hung around their necks.

The customers have to unlock the barrel slung around the dog’s neck to take out their beverage for free.







However, there’s one thing eager Londoner’s should note. The bar is a pop-up one and is open on a temporary basis. Named as the Bar D’Alsace-tian in Soho, the pub will remain open for only a limited time.

Denizens of London can hang out at the pub for two hours on Friday and get to meet the dogs waiting on their tables, if they make reservations for it.

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