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Battle between Sonam and Deepika intensifies

Bollywood's style diva Sonam Kapoor and the current box-office queen Deepika Padukone might have been good friends once as they made their debuts the same year and had a common enemy Ranbir Kapoor. In fact they both came together for a TV show and shocked the industry with their bitchiness. However, it seems that there is a cold war between these two lovely ladies.

It started with Deepika patching up with her former boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor and doing a film with him, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. She even attended Ranbir's birthday party where Sonam was not invited. This created tension between the two, who are also managed by the same PR agency. Sonam felt that the agency was giving preferential treatment to Deepika and was trying to promote her at Sonam's cost. As a result Sonam changed her publicist.

Sonam, who seems miffed with Deepika, made unsavory comments about the Chennai Express actress. In the latest episode of the TV show that invites celebs, she criticized Deepika's sense of style. In fact she openly praised Ranbir's current girlfriend Katrina Kaif and complimented her on being individualistic and not copying what everyone does. In the rapid fire section, when Karan Johar asked her what is the one thing Deepika Padukone has that she doesn't, pat came Sonam's reply, "An over enthusiastic PR team."



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