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Here is how beggars get ready to deceive you…

KARACHI: A woman on Monday was exposed on camera, while transforming a healthy child as an injured one, for begging in Karachi’s area of Baldia Town, ARY News reported.

In a video available with ARY News, a woman can be seen getting a child ready for begging in the city with her makeover art.

A woman while fixing bandage on child’s head and the face to deceive people can be witnessed clearly in the video.

It may be noted that such tactics of the beggar mafia have been exposed earlier too on the various sections of the media.

Beggars are said to earn an average of Rs.1500 daily from the streets of Karachi.

Karachi being the biggest city of the country is also considered to be the hub of it’s economic activity, generating close to 70 percent of the revenue for Pakistan.

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People from all over Pakistan head to the mega city for employment and business opportunities and make it a prime destination for those looking to beg to earn a livelihood.

In Ramazan, local police caught 563 professional beggars in Karachi’s South Zone.

A police operation by Karachi police resulted in the arrest of a large contingent of beggars who reportedly made their way to the metropolis to beg during Ramazan.



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