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Beggars continue to flock to Karachi during Ramazan

KARACHI: During a successful operation against ‘professional beggary’ by local police in Karachi’s south zone, 563 beggars were caught from which 22 have been jailed, reported ARY News.

A police operation by Karachi police resulted in the arrest of a large contingent of beggars who reportedly made their way to the metropolis to beg during Ramazan.

It is claimed that entire families relocate from Interior Sindh and Punjab to beg during the holy month of Ramazan.

Beggars are said to earn an average of Rs.1500 daily from the streets of Karachi.

Karachi being the biggest city of the country is also considered to be the hub of it’s economic activity, generating close to 70 percent of the revenue for Pakistan.

People from all over Pakistan head to the mega city for employment and business opportunities and make it a prime destination for those looking to beg to earn a livelihood.

Entire families have rushed to the city like each year in the past and are seen occupying busy roadsides and footpaths as make-shift resting places.

A begging family from Sanghar revealed that they plan to go back to their residencies after Eid.

Men and woman who are usually married to each other invade the city with their children to beg during Ramazan till the celebrations of Eid.

Special ‘Anti-beggary units’ have been formed to deal with the menace of begging.

A male child dressed up as a girl was also taken under arrest during the operation against ‘professional beggary’ by Karachi’s south zone anti-beggary unit.

Talking exclusively to ARY News, additional I.G Sindh, Ameer Sheikh said: “we have apprehended and relocated about 2500 individuals who were seen begging on the streets to Edhi homes and Non-government organizations (NGOs) working towards aiding and rehabilitating them.”

The law enforcement official distinguished the beggars into two separate groups, “one are truly poor and have no other means of income and are reduced to begging, the others are part of highly organized ‘mafias’ who are involved in other nefarious activities in the city.”

Talking about solutions to dealing with the problems it was opined that welfare shelters in the country need to be increased to deal with the issue in a better way.



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