Beware! Some of your daily rituals can ruin your fast

KARACHI: While fasting during the holy month of Ramazan, as a Muslim you need to be very cautious because there are certain things and habits that can either break your fast or nullify its value and importance.

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What are those? Let’s find out.

Daily rituals that can break your fast

1.When you pour any medicine in your ear or nose


2.When you vomit intentionally. But, if you vomit due to sickness, it will have no effect

3.When water gets into your throat during ablution or bathe


4.When you engulf inedible things like wood, iron or raw wheat etc

5.When you inhale perfumes and smoke of cigarette or hookahs (A pipe with a long flexible tube that draws the smoke through water, traditionally used for smoking tobacco, which is often flavoured) through nose or throat


6.When you eat by mistake and continue to eat upon realization


7.When you are treated with any kind of injection


8.When you eat by mistake even after Sehri


Daily rituals that do not break your fast but nullify its value

1.When you give your teeth a good brush to clean


2.When you chew something or taste salt etc

3.When you donate blood to a patient


4.When you lie, do backbiting or gossip and use offensive language to hurt someone


5.When you gargle to give help to your dry throat or thirst

So, just stay away from the aforementioned deeds at least and enjoy your fasting during Ramazan.


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Beware! Some of your daily rituals can ruin your fast

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