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Big B seeks Harsha, Kapil's help!

In order to make an impression for listeners and watchers worldwide, the Indian acting icon has sought help in the form of tips and advice from none other than seasoned commentator Harsha Bhogle and cricketing legend Kapil Dev.
Amitabh Bachchan is going to provide commentary in order to help promote his latest Bollywood film Shamitabh which will premiere on 6th February 2014, one week ahead of the start of the much anticipated cricket World Cup 2015.  According to Bachchan, the director of the movie Shamitabh wanted him to offer his voice for the commentary as it would promote the unreleased film in the best possible manner.
“This is all Balki’s decision as there is an integration between the sports broadcasters and the makers of Shamitabh.
 Big B has sought tips from commentary maestro Harsha Bhogle who has been offering his services as commentator of cricket matches since the tender age of nineteen. Also offering tips and advice to the Bollywood legend is Kapil Dev, another cricketing magnate who is no stranger to the game. Kapil Dev was the legendary all-rounder who helped India to lift the cup back in 1983.
Amitabh, who knows very little about cricket admitted that he needed help and grooming as far as the technical wordings of the game were concerned.  “I am excited about the live commentary and I will be joined by Harsha Bhogle and Kapil Dev. I am taking tips from them and getting all the ‘mid-off and mid-on’ right,” he informed reporters in Delhi.
 The film Shamitabh is about a deaf and mute actor with considerable talent who gets aided by Amitabh when the latter lends him his voice. The film is written and directed by R.Balki and features besides Amitabh, actors Dhanush and debutante actress Ashkara Hasaan.
Lets hope the commentary trio of Harsha, Kapil and Amitabh live up to the expectations and Amitabh knows ample about the game to comment on it! 




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