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Big Bosss 7 love duo breaks up with each other

Relationships, are unpredictable you never know when any starts or breaks. Stars break-ups and patch-ups are always followed by their fans. Kushal Tandon contestant and Gauhar Khan winner of Big boss 7  have been in news for more than a year for their relationship. Finally, the television star couple have broken up with each other.

Kushal Tandon’s tweet came out like a storm on social media that states, “I’m sorry to break the news…Gauahar and I are no more together…..love and peace”. This tweet has spread speculation among their fans and is being discussed widely. Rumors said it that Gauhar had problems with Kushhal’s drinking habits but Gauhar has rejected such news in her tweet.

Sources also reported that Indian ruling party Bharatiya Janta Party BJP has also added Hindu-Muslim flavor in this relationship as Kushal Tandon is a grandson of their senior member and they believe the pair is not a perfect match.



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