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Bigg Boss 9 to premiere on October 11

Good news for all those who are ardent fans of Bigg Boss. The sensational TV show’s ninth season is all set to premiere with its very first episode set to air on October 11. Bollywood actor and Bajrangi Bhaijaan star Salman Khan will return as host of the popular Indian reality TV show.


The show’s official Twitter account tweeted a video of the announcement. Check it out :-

Bigg Boss is the Indian version of popular TV series Big Brother. Several people, mostly celebrities, are locked into a house for a stipulated  time period under 24-hour multi-camera surveillance. The show has created quite a bit of controversy and fights as well. As the show progresses, contestants get eliminated one by one till one person is left, and declared as the winner.

Salman Khan had left the show after its fifth season and Farah Khan had taken his place. Farah had filled in his place  in a limited series titled as Bigg Boss Halla Bol. The contestants for the upcoming show are yet to be officially confirmed.

Fans can expect something more from this edition of Bigg Boss, since it has been announced that there will be a feature on the show known as Double Trouble. Details of this feature have not been revealed as of yet.

So if you’re a fan of Bigg Boss and have waited too long for Salman Khan to grace the TV show, buckle up for October 11!



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