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Bilal Abbas Khan names his favourite TV show

Actor Bilal Abbas Khan is busy making a mark across the border after his latest webseries.

Not just that, but according to Bilal himself, he has also been busy binge-watching the Indian series Mirzapur’s latest season, reported India Today. Talking to IANS, the Cheekh star also revealed the inspiration behind his acting!

“While it is quite tough for me to choose one actor or film that inspires me the most, as an artiste I would say that observing the performances of several Indian actors inspires me,” he said, going on to share how Mirzapur fared for him.


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“If you ask me my current favourite, I watched the new season of the web series Mirzapur, and I just loved the story and the acting of the actors in the show. They are such fine performers,” said the 27-year-old, adding that such good acting inspires him to refine his craft. “I was waiting for the release of the show and when it did, I watched it at one go! I loved Mirzapur!” he shared.

As for his favourite actor, Bilal had no second thoughts before saying, “Obviously Shah Rukh Khan, yeh koi poochhne ki baat hai (is there even a doubt)? I love Shah Rukh!” We second that, Bilal!

“There are several films that I loved watching SRK in but my all-time favourite is Chak De! India. His performance and character were too good!” he went on to add.


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Bilal then shared some details about his upcoming project Abdullahpur ka Devdas, a second web series with an Indian OTT platform. “It is a male-centric love story in which I am playing the title role of Devdas. The story is set in a village named Abdullahpur,” he shared, adding that while his character is named Devdas, there’s not much he could take away from his idol SRK’s version.

“I watched Devdas but my character is different, so there is no reference point. SRK’s Devdas is on a different level altogether,” said Bilal.



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