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PPP will end corruption from Pakistan, says Bilawal Bhutto

MALAKAND: Pakistan Peoples Party co-chairperson Bilawal Bhutto addressed Monday a Pakistan Democratic Movement rally wherein he called out the PM for terming the Hazara victims blackmailers, ARY News reported.

He said we could not apprehend those behind Hazara Community killings and lamented the failure to get them justice.

He then said how come the Prime Minister spoke of justice when in spite of his claims of 5 million house, he deprived people of their roofs.

The supremo of a opposition party with principal stake in Sindh, Bilawal said it is due to the lack of aptitude in the incumbent government that our economy has slumped below that of Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

He does not know anything about the economy, said Bilalwal Bhutto of the PM, claiming half of Pakistani households are poverty-stricken.

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The country is plagued with corruption as it’s so common today, Bilawal Bhutto said adding that Transparency International highlighted the country suffered the worst corruption at present.

He noted the PPP government will end corruption as those who claimed to bring a change have proven liars.



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