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Bilawal calls on PM to stop victimizing laborers

In a statement issued, Bilawal demanded the premier to ‘prevent his workers and Gullu Butts from harassing protesting employees of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)’.

“Our message is clear, we have always struggled for the rights of laborers and will stand by them come what may,” he vowed in the statement.

He urged the party workers and leaders to keep participating in demonstrations held by Peoples Unity and other PIA workers unions, to let the government know that we all stand united and will not allow handover of state enterprises to ‘Sharif family’s partners’.

The PPP chairman went on to say that staging peaceful protest is basic right of the citizens, but it seems that PM Sharif still consider himself to be living in General Zia’s world and for that his government is using violence against protesting workers.

He called for immediate release of four PIA employees including Peoples Unity’s Hidayatullah and to arrest the perpetrators of two workers killing.

Accusing the prime minister of acting upon anti-laborer policies in order to deprive millions of Pakistanis of employment, Bilawal slammed that billions are being spent on futile projects and hence causing huge loss to national exchequer.

He also claimed that the ruling Nawaz-league is preparing to dismiss 70,000 employees who were regularized by past PPP-government.



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