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Bilawal censures seven Sindh ministers over ‘poor performance’

KARACHI: Showing his annoyance over Sindh government’s performance, Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari censured seven of its ministers over their ‘poor showdown’, ARY News reported on Friday.

According to the inside story of the Sindh’ cabinet special meeting chaired by the chief of the province’s ruling party, ministers for Education, Culture, Health, Transport, Kachi Abadi and the Labor and Manpower were censured, over carrying their whole briefing on the papers.

“I want results, such type of briefings are useless,” the PPP chairman said during the meeting of the cabinet.

“The ministers even do not bother to attend the calls of the elected representatives,” PPP Chairman said and added that, he has received such complaints in this regard.

Showing his resentment on the paper briefing by the ministers, Bilawal directed them to take concrete steps for the development in their respective ministries.

Addressing the minister of Education, he questioned how many children were enrolled in the schools and how many ghost schools were made functional, no data is available.

Turning the canons to the health minister, Bilawal said children are dying in Thar, what health ministry is doing to address the alarming situation over there.

Why the ministry has failed to initiate a new health project in the province, he questioned.



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