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Bilawal condemns ‘inaction of govt’ over abduction of 715 kids from Punjab

“Data about these ill-fated and innocent children brings in one’s mind horrific imaginations and criminal silence. Inaction of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif government on this human disaster should be condemned in strongest terms,” he said in a press statement issued here.

The PPP chairman said that this was pathetic and tragic part of the report that three children were kidnapped daily from Lahore’s Badami Bagh but the Punjab government was pressurizing the parents of the abducted kids to treat them as missing children to hush up the matter.

Bilawal said, according to the reports, most of the kidnapped children belong to poor families which further aggrieves the concerns in the wake of use of innocent children in terrorist activities and brainwashing them into suicide-bombers.

He said that his party was shaken by these reports and would take up this horrendous issue at all available forums as the PPP considers children as the future of our nation and protecting them from all the dangers was the prime responsibility of the state and the society.



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