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Bilawal promises ‘change’ with old faces… oh, really?

This is exactly why Bilawal has been criticizing anything that is of importance to the general populace. Be it PTI’s sit-ins, or the LOC situation, or now nearly defunct TTP. Even the economic policies of Pakistan which are well beyond his ‘feeble’ mind to fathom. PPP tries to get maximum credit for denouncing TTP claiming that this makes them highly vulnerable to TTP attacks, a position singular to PPP. However, it is well talked about that PPP government was reluctant to launch any attack on TTP in their entire tenure. Moreover, they had no spine to stop the drone attacks waged on Pakistan by America.

PPP’s government in Sindh has performed miserably which speaks volumes about the party’s apathy towards the poor. Bilawal then promised the nation to bring a change while people like Qaim Ali Shah, Asif Zardari, Gilani, and Pervez Ashraf stood beside him clapping. How can you imagine bringing in a changed system while your team is composed of the same old faces who have plundered Pakistan’s national wealth for decades. If he’s serious about his political career he must first eradicate the corrupt mafia which exists inside PPP and then think about reversing the fortune of our nation. Overall, it was a bizarre congregation of uninterested people. Those who stood on the stage were as disconnected to the occasion as the people who stood on the ground anxiously waiting for the tirade to finish.

Bilawal’s speech was a torment for me and I feel for the poor people who went there to listen to him. Imran Khan’s response to Bilawal’s speech is epic. PPP, at the moment, is yearning for some importance in Pakistan’s political structure and Khan denied them exactly that by not responding to them. The best way to deal with PPP at this stage is to ignore them. No matter what the TV analysts have to say about the success of the PPP jalsa it was a huge disaster. I believe they failed to fill up the ground even after utilizing their entire government machinery, offering Rs 1500 per person, dancing, music, trains running frenetically to every corner of the country transporting people, unnumbered bus services, more than half of the Karachi cordoned off, shops closed, businesses suffered. The truth is that people have rejected PPP just like they have rejected PMLN.

Salman Sadiq (Lahore)



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