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Bilawal scolds Punjab PPP leaders for not working ‘dedicatedly’

He expressed his resentment to party leaders during a key meeting at Bilawal House today.

“If you people had done something, PPP would not have suffered such a defeat in the local government elections in Punjab,” he told the meeting.

He said the poor people still look at the PPP as a hope, but “you have no time for the masses.”

As the meeting was underway, PPP leader Raja Riaz urged Bilawal to come to Faisalabad as local people were looking forward to his visit. The PPP chairman responded sharply: “Raja sahib, I will surely visit Faisalabad, but would you tell me about your own performance.”

Riaz was stumped for some moments.

Bilawal reportedly made it clear to Punjab party leaders that whosoever maintains a distance with masses will no longer be required in the party.



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