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Bilawal terms upcoming Azad Kashmir election as historic

He was addressing a rally in Muzaffarabad where he said that the Pakistan resolution was based on Kashmir issue. He said that on one side the Kashmir policy of the PPP is well known, and on the other side were other parties who had no Kashmir policy.

The current government just wants to control the innocent people of Kashmir and used their sources on the development of Lahore. He said that there has been no condemnation Nawaz Sharif. “How many time has Nawaz Sharif even taken name the name of Kashmir?”


He questioned whether Nawaz Sharif can see the atrocities committed and the killings of innocent people in Occupied Kashmir. He said that the people of Kashmir had the ability to fight for their rights and this has forced the government to declare a Black Day in solidarity with the people of Kashmir.

Nawaz Sharif’s foreign policy is not about Kashmir but importance is given to the friendship to Narendra Modi. He said that it is shameful that the friends of Modi are taking parts in elections in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. He urged Sharif to bring a new and robust foreign policy which would bring the country a standing in the world. He said that the weak foreign policy and diplomacy of Pakistan has weakened its stance in the Muslim world.

He said that an accountant has been posing as an economist and is running the economy of the country, whereas all the growth and development targets have not been achieved. He said that exports have fallen, trade and fiscal deficit has increased, and unemployment has increased to unparalleled heights.


The government was just increasing taxes and receiving loans as relief to the people. “Where is the development in the country expect the metro project,” said Bilawal. It was the PPP which has brought development to the country including the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). He said that loans taken by the government  exceed those taken by all the successive governments since the creation of Pakistan combined.

He said that Nawaz Sharif does not want investigation into the Panama Leaks. “Nawaz Sharif is not a leader, but a businessman,” and the Kissan Package worth Rs. 341bn is just a political slogan. The government was procuring LNG at the rate of $6.25 whereas its price was S4.50 which will cost Rs40 bn to the national exchequer. He urged the people of Azad Kashmir to shun them in the upcoming elections.




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