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Bilawal warns against rigging in Azad Kashmir elections

The young chairman was addressing the first press conference of his political career where he commented on various issues including the likely alliance with the Imran Khan and the election in Azad Kashmir.

Bilawal said that he will not back any unconstitutional means in the country and condemns the remarks by Imran Khan that people will celebrate and distributes sweets if there is martial law in the country, and the government is dethroned by undemocratic means.

He used the occasion to take a tough stance on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif saying that he condones the remarks of Imran Khan that he (Sharif) was becoming a threat to democracy in the country, and was attempting to establish a monarchy in the country by not being accountable to anyone.

Bilawal criticised the policies of the government over the conflict in Indian-Occupied Kashmir, and said that Nawaz Sharif was not a leader but rather a businessman. He said that those who had business interests in India were not likely to have a coherent policy over Kashmir.



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