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Bill to censor 'unethical' stuff on cable in KP

Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf led government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province has tabled a bill in the provincial legislature on Tuesday to ban all obscene, anti-state and unethical stuff on cable.

The KP Assembly will hold debate on the bill on coming Monday. As per the bill, films, dramas and stage shows that showcase content which is against religious values and violates the code of morality will be taken down on the basis of recommendations by the censor board of the province.  Added to this, all participants in these ventures will also be subjected to pay fine of Rs.one lac and can also undergo three years imprisonment. Such ban will also branch out to any film or show that have content deemed as ‘anti-Islamic’ or ‘anti-Pakistan’.

According to the bill, the top Magistrate’s decision in this regard will be final and could not be challenged, reports said. It is pertinent to mention that a hue and cry has been raised in the past over dramas and films that have been ‘unethical’ and ‘immoral’ by certain quarters. Such content also caused angry protests by the people of KP the province.



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