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Bipasha hits back at haters for negative comments on honey-moon pictures

The pictures she had shared showed towel-art on bed depicting two swans and a puppy, hot Bollywood diva wearing revealing clothes on beach, Karan Singh Grover with naked back and swimming at a seaside.

“Why is it so disturbing and offensive to see beautiful towel art done by talented housekeeping staff??? What has changed??? Now I am married so I can’t like Towel art???? Anyways pretty ridiculous! Get a life guys who look for negativity in the sweetest of things. Be happy . Live your own life. And yes I will post more Towel art soon! He he because I love it. There are many ppl am sure who appreciate other ppls sweetness :),” she wrote on her Instagram account.

Posting her a previous post and the new one, she said: “This is to address the weird comments on my Towel Art post recently. The first post was on 3rd Jan 2015, no strange negative comments. Second post this week, lots of weird comments.”

‘My wife is a goddess! 😍 I got lucky or what?!!’ Grover said while sharing a Bipasha’s picture on Instagram flaunting her curvaceous body in a dark pink bikini paired with a white cover-up, Bipasha responded the same pic with caption ‘Thank you my hottie 😘 Both got lucky’.

Amid star-studded wedding reception, Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover had recently tied the knot. Plenty of superstars were in attendance to witness the Bollywood actress’ union with her ‘Alone’ co-star Karan Singh Grover.

From Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan to the Bachchans and Preity Zenta and Ranbir Kapoor, everyone attended the wedding.

This is the third marriage for Karan Singh Grover, who earlier married to two TV actresses.



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