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Birth anniversary of Madam Noor Jehan today

She received the title of Noor Jehan when she first took her steps in the world of music. Pakistan received such a jewel which is an example in itself. She engaged the entire world to her majestic voice and style for seven decades.

Noor Jehan was born on September 21, 1926 in Kasur, Punjab. Her real name was Allah Wasai.

From a ghazal from legendary poets like Faiz Ahmed Faiz to a love song from a music composer, every tune felt like magic. Her songs were a treat to the music listeners.

She contributed her unforgettable songs to local and Indian film industries as well. She worked in many Pakistani films whereas she also sang songs for several Bollywood films including Naadaan, Naukar, Lal Haveli and Dil. She sang more than 10,000 songs for more than thousand films.

Her patriotic songs are in a league of their own. When the 1965 Pakistan-India war broke out between , she sang such wonderful melodies that not only raised the national spirit of the country but also envoked new spirits into the military.

Madam Noor Jehan passed away on December 23, 2000.

“Gaaye gi dunya geet meri” (The world will sing my songs) speaks for itself as the nation still listens to her songs despite 13 years after her death. She was a reflection of true musical magnificence. A legend that will live forever.



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