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Blast from the past: 10 vintage television commercials we were fond of

Today, we have numerous TVCs and advertisements hammering us day and night to purchase one brand or the other. However, a few decades back, television commercials were not so technically advanced or visually impelling. However, one look at some vintage commercials remind us of our childhood, when these ads were all we saw on television. So, to help you reminisce about your childhood, here are a couple of TVCs from the past to jog and enliven your memory!

1. Gillette and the ‘Chacha Chan ad’

This was one of the most popular advertisements during those days. Especially the sound ‘Chan, Chun, Chacha Cha Chan’, was stuck in our heads all day long!

2. State Life Insurance and the ‘Ae Khuda Mere Abu Salamat Rahen’ advertisement

This also used to be one of the most memorable advertisements from our childhoods. What an emotionally-driven ad, with a popular jingle to it as well!

3. Dentonic

I’m sure we all remember this vintage ad. The animation could do a lot better but still, it does take us back a long way into the past!

4. Naurus television commercial

This popular jingle and the cute children were a regular feature on our television screens back in the day.

5. Kiwi Shoe Polish Ad

This classroom ad and its catchy jingle is still stuck in our heads till this very day. This used to be the pick of the pack, as far as vintage advertisements are concerned!

6. Ding Dong bubble gum

Weren’t we always excited with the ‘cat and mouse game’ that ensued in these interesting, animated short stories of Ding Dong bubble gum?

7. The Peak Freans Pied Piper advertisement

Yes, only instead of mice, he lead a couple of children to delicacies with his alluring flute melody. Nothing like this ad right here to remind you of your childhood!

8. Master Moltyfoam advertisement– Meri Nanhi Pari Naye Ghar Ko Chali

A couple of renditions of this ad with the same jingle have been made. However, this was the first time that this emotionally-driven ad made it to our screens. The ad focuses on a father reminiscing about the fond times he had with his daughter, who has grown up to be a mature woman, about to get married and leave her father’s house. Hence the words ‘Meri Nanhi Pari Naye Ghar Ko Chali.

9. Candy biscuit

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this ad, a picture definitely speaks to the audience, narrating Candy biscuit’s tagline “Candy may vo khaas baat hai, jo kisi aur may kahaan“. The advertisement is a witty one, with two female friends sitting in a room, exchanging pleasantries and munching on Candy biscuits. They each express their delight at the scrumptious taste of the biscuit. They’re baffled (and rightly so) when their sentences are finished by the portrait of an elderly man.

10. Pepsi commercial featuring Darren Lehmann and Shane Warne

This old Pepsi commercial features two of Australian cricket’s stellar cricketers, Darren Lehmann and Shane Warne, indulge in a game of street cricket with Pakistani children. Winner takes all–which in this case, is the soft drink Pepsi. Towards the very end of the ad, Ramiz Raja makes his entry with his famous dialogue, “Pakistan kay liye khelogay?”



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