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Body of Noshki drone dead handed over to claimant without identification

Mohammad Wali was killed in a drone attack in Noshki district of Balochistan near Pak-Afghan border area.

Civil Hospital Noshki handed over the remains of Wali to a man, Mohammad Rafique, without DNA confirmation. Rafique, told the hospital officials that the deceased was his maternal uncle.

A US drone had targeted a taxi in Noshki on Sunday leaving the passenger Mohammad Wali and taxi driver Mohammad Azam dead.


After the attack the US authorities claimed that Taliban chief Mulla Akhtar Mansour was targeted in the drone attack. Afghan government also confirmed killing of Taliban supremo Mansour in US drone strike.

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Pakistani authorities confirmed the drone raid in Balochistan adding that the authorities trying to establish the identity of the second dead body, apart of the deceased driver of the car.

The passport of a man Wali Mohammad found from the scene of the drone attack.


According to Noshki hospital sources, the man who was handed over the body, had given a contact number to the hospital, which was later found to be of a woman in Punjab.

The address of the man on the hospital record has also been incomplete, the sources said.

Security agencies have launched an investigation in Qilla Abdulla- the native town of deceased Mohammad Wali.

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DNA sample of the drone attack victim, has been sent to Islamabad to identify whether the dead man was Mulla Akhtar Mansour, or Wali Mohammad of Qilla Abdullah.

The handing over of the dead body by the hospital authorities to a claimant without proper identification has thicken the mystery surrounding the Noshki drone raid incident.



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