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Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to land for first time in Pakistan

International airline Flydubai on Sunday announced that it’s Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will return to passenger service from April 8 following the airline’s compliance with all of the requirements outlined in the safety decision issued by the General Civil Aviation Authority.

In a statement, the Dubai-based airline said the first flight to be operated by one of the carrier’s Max aircraft will be departed Dubai International to Sialkot International Airport on April 8.

Passengers will be notified in advance of travel if their itinerary now includes a flight that is scheduled to be operated by a Max, it said.

Flydubai has a fleet of 14 Boeing 737 Max aircraft, and four of its Max 8s and one of its Max 9s have now received regulatory approval to rejoin its fleet. The remaining nine Max aircraft will return to passenger service over the coming months, the statement said.

The airline has a fleet of 50 aircraft and it carried more than 75 million passengers since it began operations in 2009.



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