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Bold and beautiful Alia talks about her broken heart!!

Alia was recently questioned about her relationship status. She said: ” I’m single. And that’s the truth. If I weren’t an actor, I’d tell everyone I’m seeing this person. Who would care? No one would write about it. The reason I don’t talk about my relationship is if I was dating someone who I’m much in love with and if I were to break up with him and it got printed, I’d die. I’m sensitive. I’ll not be able to take it. Also I’m not going to take speculation about my life. I’m not going to tell you how many times I went to the bathroom or what I did there. A relationship is that personal.”

She was then asked if she missed being in a relationship, Alia said: “Right now, no. I’m annoyed with the word love. There’s a reason why I’m annoyed. I’m happy being far from love.”

The otherwise bubbly Alia did not sound very cheerful this time around. So naturally she was asked the reason for her gloominess. Alia replied saying, “I’ve been heartbroken recently. That’s why I’m talking about this insecure and depressed phase and about being lonely. But I can’t say who did it and why.”



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