Bollywood actress Aarthi Agarwal dies after ‘failed liposuction surgery’

31 year-old Bollywood actress Aarthi Agarwal passed away from a cardiac arrest, after a ‘failed liposuction surgery’.

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The New Jersey-born actress died in Atlantic City after a cardiac arrest on Saturday. Her death occurred after she had been undergone a liposuction surgery a month earlier in the United States.

Aarthi Agarwal made her debut at the age of 16 in Bollywood but shot to fame with her role in the hit film from 2001, Nuvvu Naaku Nachav.Despite being an American-born actress, she made a name for herself in Bollywood and became a fairly known actress. However, it was the Telugu film industry which won Aarthi Agarwal fame and repute more than any other industry, though she did star in Bollywood and Tamil films.

For Aarthi, 2005 was the year in which she garnered the most success, when she starred in a career-high five films. However, she did also try to commit suicide after a failed relationship with a co-star and when there seemed to be a dearth of new movie offers for Agarwal. Aditi’s personal life was also a troubled and turbulent one. In 2007, she married a US engineer but then divorced him two years later and moved to the United States (New Jersey) to live with her parents.

Agarwal’s latest film Ranam 2 was released on Friday, just a day before she passed away. Aarthi Agarwal’s sister Aditi is also an actress.

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Bollywood actress Aarthi Agarwal dies after ‘failed liposuction surgery’

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