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Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon's mother 'killed' by a leading Indian publication

Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon was one of the most sought-after actresses of her era, which was in the early and mid 90s. The Bollywood actress moved to the United States, leaving behind her career as a film actress. However, she still continues to enjoy popularity and adulation from fans around the world.

Raveena Tandon most recently got a crude shock, when she woke up and received condolence messages from various friends and family for her mother’s death. A leading Indian publication had published a story, claiming that Raveena’s mother had passed away. The headline in the entertainment section of that daily was titled as ‘Raveena Tandon bereaved’ and stated that her mother passed away ‘yesterday’. It also stated that close friends and family members had rushed to offer their condolences.

A fuming Raveena was quoted as saying,” No such thing has happened. My mother is hale and hearty and by God’s grace she has many more years to live. The closest she came to a health issue on Saturday when she’s supposed to have–God forbid!– died is when she had to take her dog to a vet.”

Even more ironically, the journalist who edited that column also ranged Tandon and condoled the ‘death’ of her mother with her. An angry Raveena also revealed that she had told that journalist that her mother was fine and in perfect health.

“I told her it was not true and still the ‘news’ was used. They managed to pull it out of the print edition. But the damage is done. The item is very much there in the e-paper edition of the entertainment supplement.”

In the end, the former Bollywood actress also had a message for the media. “We’ve had false death news about celebrities on twitter. Now they’re killing relatives of celebrities in mass-circulated newspapers. Guys, have a heart. Death is not a matter to gossip about. It concerns lives.” says Raveena.

Obviously Raveena Tandon is miffed at reports of her mother’s false demise. Let’s hope the media does not repeat the same mistake time and again!



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