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Bollywood celebs take to the streets against hawkers!

Pali Hill became the center of protest when a troupe of Bollywood superstars took to the streets in protest against the local municipal body’s decision to build a hawking zones there.

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor also joined the protest on Sunday, which included A-list actors such as Bollywood legend Dilip Kumar, Prem Chopra and the sensational Emraan Hashmi. The hawking zone would mean trouble and nuisance for residents of these affluent areas as hawkers would be allowed to peddle their wares and sell their merchandise on footpaths. Actor Ranbir Kapoor’s father, Rishi complained about the inconvenience residents would have to face and questioned the decision to allow hawkers in the vicinity.

“It makes no sense for hawkers to be allowed in Pali Hill,” said Kapoor, 62. “This will only inconvenience us. There is enough traffic already, cars are parked on both sides of the road – where is the space for hawkers? It’s not a commercial zone, it’s a residential zone.”

Other residents of the affluent neighborhood also stood shoulder to shoulder with the stars, in solidarity against the decision. If the proposal to allow hawkers to operate and set up shop in Pali Hill is enacted, it would mean around 2,000 peddlers would operate in 50 pavements across the residence.

Despite the above named celebrities, other famous celebrities such as Deepika Padukone, Sanjay Dutt, Gulzar and Imran Khan also reside in Pali Hill. Reportedly, all of these celebrities are also not happy with Bombay Municipal Corporation’s decision.

Through such a silent protest, celebrities belonging to B-town have shown that they do believe in standing up for their rights.



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