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Bollywood stars risk being exposed in ‘Sabki Bajegy Band’

Apparently, some Bollywood stars were at a farmhouse party where they were relaxed and quite calm. Very soon, their inner personalities, the one’s they hide from the public, came to light when they started talking among each other. Unknown to them, the party host had installed hidden cameras in the vicinity to catch their candid talk which featured sexual fantasies, fetishes, gossips, rumored affairs and everything pretty much nefarious!

India’s famous RJ Anirudh Chawla is going to be directing the film, as he was the one who invited all famous guests of his at a farmhouse and hid the cameras! The footage he saw was so compelling that he was moved to make a Bollywood film out of it. The trailer of the movie has been released and has pointed hints at a couple of famous Bollywood directors for being scandalous. Chawla refused to give out the names of those who had attended his party and stated that the real intention was to expose Bollywood celebrities for who they were as opposed to their reel life.

“My intention was never to hurt anyone but I only want to show the audience the real faces of our celebrities, their sexuality, the truth behind their marriages, their kinks and fetishes.”, he said.

Let’s see how many buttons this bold, outrageous reality film will push. The idea is a clever one indeed and one which will attract quite a lot of attention. Masses would love to get an idea as to how their adorned B-town biggies are in real life as compared to the image they show-off during public events. For now, all we can do is wait with baited breath to get a clear indication as to who does what in their personal lives! One word of advice for Indian celebrities though; be mindful of what you say; hidden camera’s could be anywhere!



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