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Bollywood's famous villain Shakti Kapoor gets nabbed!

The controversial Bollywood star was on the set for Kya Kool Hai Hum 3, with his colleagues Tushar Kapoor and Aftab Shivdasani when the unfortunate incident took place. According to reports, after the shooting wrapped up, a crowd had gathered to meet and interact with their favorite Bollywood celebrities.

One such rowdy fan, in midst of all the commotion, made a grab for Kapoor’s earring and yanked hard. The act injured the iconic Bollywood villain on the spot and he was whisked away to a hospital. According to Bollywood news release, a source narrates the incident saying, “A crowd had gathered around the film set to have a glimpse of the actors. After wrapping up the day’s schedule, Kapoor went and met his fans. But, someone from the crowd pulled his ear and robbed his earring leaving him injured.”

According to Shakti Kapoor himself, the yank at his earring was so hard that it split his earlobe into two parts. When contacted, here is how Shakti divulged into the details of the ugly incident, “Somebody from the crowd pulled my ear so badly that my earlobe split into two. I’m thankful to my film’s team for supporting me.”

Shakti Kapoor amde established himself as Bollywood’s most sought-after villain from the 80’s. He performed in many films and did small, inconsequential roles before playing the main villain in the 1981 blockbuster Rocky. Rocky went on to become the ninth highest grossing film of 1981 and Shakti’s portrayal of the antagonist R.D elevated his stature as an actor, considerably. Qurban, Armaan and Satte Pe Satta were movies in which his acting was lauded. Shakti Kapoor has the distinction of playing the role of a comic villain quite well. Film critics and observers have noted it as an ability to carry entwine humor with a negative character that Shakti masters.

We wish Shakti Kapoor well and hope he recovers from the unfortunate injury. However, cannot help but notice the irony of the fact that even Bollywood’s most feared villain can get nabbed and injured. That too, in broad daylight!



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