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Bollywood actress Kajal Agarwal manhandled during film shoot?

During a shoot of the film starring Randeep Hoda, the actress was reportedly manhandled canning a song sequence with the lead actor of another film.


According to Bollywood Bubble, the actor who came to spot was completely ‘boozed’ and he was unstable. During the shoot, the actor who was asked to grab Kajal’s waist, has grabbed and squeezed in such a way that Kajal felt the pain.

kajal 8

Assistant directors who understood the situation took the actor away.

kajal 6




Kajal Aggarwal however stayed confident and she came for retake and danced again for the tunes. The actor however was so keen to grab her once again and squeezed hard but an angry Kajal left the spot immediately, the report stated.





kajal 9

The report adds that the movie shoot was halted on a temporary note for about five months.

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